Savage Rapids Dam Removal and Replacement Pumping Plant

This $28.3 MM project included construction of an intake structure and pumping plant with large vertical turbine pumps and piping to supply five different irrigation canals. The sequence of work on this project required three in-water-work periods over a three year duration.

Major components of work include the installation of multiple contractor-designed and installed cofferdams in the Rogue River for construction of the replacement pumping plant facilities. The dewatering discharge was pumped to a settling pond/baker tank, monitored for environmental compliance and then pumped back into the river. The intake structure and pumping plant included sixteen intake fish screens with an airburst cleaning system and twelve vertical turbine pumps of various sizes (3,000 HP total). Diving operators were utilized to complete modifications to the existing fish ladder.

Upon completion and successful commissioning of the pumping plant, the Savage Rapids Dam was removed, utilizing another contractor-designed cofferdam system, which took place in two stages. The dewatering associated with these cofferdams had rates in excess of 5,000 gallons per minute. Through proper planning and staging, water discharge permit requirements were met (turbidity and PH). This project also included installation of a 500’ bridge supported pipe that spanned the Rogue River.

Total Project Value: $28.3 million

Slayden Construction Role: RFP selected General Contractor

Owner: Pacific NW Region Bureau of Reclamation