US 101: Spencer Creek Bridge

This contract was for the replacement of the Spencer Creek Bridge located near Newport, Oregon, for Oregon Department of Transportation. The project was adjacent to Beverly Beach State Park and is part of a National Scenic Byway. Beverly Beach State Park is one of the most popular state parks in Oregon with more than 250,000 visitors a year and the contract required maintaining continuous pedestrian access through the work area to allow visitors access to the beach.

The work consisted of demolition of the existing bridge, excavation and construction of revetments — including 1.8 million pounds of sheet pile, 60,000 LF of wick drains, 7,200 LF of stone columns, 1,400 SY of SS gabion baskets, 4,600 CY of jetty rock, and 30,000 SF of MSE Walls. The replacement bridge consists of CIP foundations, columns, and cross beams, along with precast arches and precast slabs providing the support for the CIP deck. The erection of the six, 80-ton precast arch segments, required extensive steel false work in and around the regulated work area to provide temporary support for the arches and the crane. A series of twelve hydraulic jacks were utilized to impart 2,400 tons of force needed to position the pre-cast arches prior to casting the arch closure pour. The bridge is founded on twelve 72 inch drilled shafts and twelve driven piles. Durable materials such as HPC and stainless steel reinforcement were used to provide a minimum expected life of 120 years. Traffic was shifted onto new bridge and a 1,000 foot long detour bridge was removed from the top down to minimize environmental impacts. The contract provisions included a restrictive and comprehensive section SP00290 to include regulated work area, limited clearing areas, protection of wetlands, noise mitigation, pollution control measures, protection measures for fish, wildlife, and plants, work area isolation, scour protection work containment system, and protection of sensitive cultural sites. Close coordination and detailed planning was necessary to ensure all required construction activities were performed in the regulated work area within the relatively short ten week in-water work window.

Total Project Value: $20.2 million

Slayden Construction Role: General Contractor/Prime

Owner: Oregon Department of Transportation

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