Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

This project consisted of a 5-phase expansion of an occupied minimum and medium-security Oregon State prison.  We were required to work without interrupting the daily inmate routines or the facility staff.  All workers were required to pass a background check and check in and out of the project through gates that are manned by a security officer. Phase 1 consisted of the set-up of all temporary security measures which included high-security fencing, temporary tiger runs for moving inmates around the project, microwave detection system, shaker wire detection system on all fences and reprogramming of the computer system to accommodate the new security zones. Phase 2 consisted of a 12,000 SF expansion of the existing minimum-security facility. The building is a slab-on-grade wood-framed structure and will be utilized as a dormitory for an additional 120 minimum-security inmates. This phase also included a 30,000 SF expansion of the existing medium-security facility. The medium-security portion of the project consists of 108 pre-cast detention cells, 10,000 SF of office and interview rooms, and a large common area. The building structure is pre-cast structural concrete walls with a pre-cast double-T roof system. Phase 3 consisted of decommissioning of the temporary security facilities constructed in Phase 1 commissioning of all systems, owner inspection to insure that no contraband was left in the building after construction, and move-in of inmates. Phase 4 consisted of remodeling portions of the existing building previously occupied by the inmates that were moved at the end of phase 3.  Also included was the commissioning of new systems and owner inspection. Phase 5 consisted of exterior site work, adding storm water capacity, landscaping and paving of the new facility parking area de-mobilizing the temporary construction offices and storage yard.

Total Project Value: $15 million

Slayden Construction Role: General Contractor

Owner: Oregon Department of Corrections

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