Gold Hill Dam Removal

This dam removal project on the Rogue River near Gold Hill, Oregon, utilized large five cy bulk bags that were designed by Slayden to facilitate utilizing native river alluvium materials as a cofferdam. Silt curtains were used on the downstream side of the existing dam to facilitate containment of turbidity and to serve as an adult fish barrier. Through proper sequencing and diversion of flows turbidity was minimized. This project was a design-build contract that required SCG to acquire the necessary permits to perform the removal of this dam. The project was completed within a 2.5 month in-water-work period with no permit violations.

This dam was approximately 900’ long and was removed during river flows averaging 3,000 cfs, well above normal river flow. Slayden’s planning and performance earned this project the Special Project of the Year designation by the Public Works Association.

Total Project Value: $1.2 Million

Slayden Construction Role: RFP, General Contractor

Owner: City of Gold Hill