Juniper Ridge Hydroelectric Project

The Juniper Ridge Hydroelectric project is a $22 MM EPC (Engineer, Procure, Construct) project. The engineering and construction team includes Slayden, Sunrise Engineering, and Burke Electric. The project consists of 2.5 miles of 108″ steel penstock pipe placed within and beneath the existing irrigation canal system. The penstock entrance consists of a rock excavated forebay, thirty foot tall buttress wall intake structure with a steel trash rack system, and an emergency spillway. The 108” penstock pipe provides 110 feet head to the 5MW vertical turbine unit located at the hydroelectric power plant. The powerhouse is constructed 27 feet below grade with mass concrete encased draft tube and Francis turbine; it also extends another 25 feet above grade to enclose the generator, hydraulic operating system, 84” isolating butterfly valve, and associated electrical components. Adjacent to the power house is a bypass structure that will divert irrigation flows around the turbine and generator, should the flow exceed plant capacity or a unit outage is required during the irrigation season. The bypass structure contains a 78” butterfly isolation valve and a 78” flanged coupling adaptor, and discharges into an energy dissipation pool through a hydraulically operated 42” fixed cone jet valve. Work on this project also includes an electrical substation, electrical switch yard, and tailrace discharge structure connection to the existing canal system.

Total Project Value: $22.4 million

Slayden Construction Role: General Contractor

Owner: Central Oregon Irrigation District