Klamath Falls A-Canal Fish Screen and Pump Station

This $11.5 MM facility was a fast track project with the majority of the structural work taking place during the winter months in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Work included the design and construction of a cofferdam that isolated the work area from Klamath Lake, design and construction of temporary dewatering system connected to permanent power with a diesel powered backup system, demolition of the existing headgate structure and excavation of 50,000 cy. It also included placement of 6,000 cy of structural concrete in three months, the installation, startup, and testing of trash racks and a bracket green trash rake.

This job also included the supply and installation of bulkheads and embeds, structural steel and grating for “V” screen, primary and secondary fish screen panels and baffles, primary and secondary screen cleaners, and large electrically actuated gates, including a custom ramp gate. The construction of the pumping plant included two 20” fish pumps, supply and installation of 2,000 LF of fish pipe, construction of a fish evaluation facility, and installation of a power distribution system including a diesel standby generator. This project was completed on-time by the spring deadline to provide irrigation to more than 200,000 acres of farmland.

Total Project Value: $11.5 million

Slayden Construction Role: RFP Selected General Contractor

Owner: US Bureau of Reclamation