I-5: Elkhead Road to OR 126: Knowles Creek Bridges

This $43 million design-build highway project consisted of the design and replacement of six bridges along with the repair of one other. The bridges span across live railroad tracks, county roads, and environmentally sensitive water ways in multiple work zones along the I-5 corridor and along Highway 126.

As the design-builder, Slayden Construction was responsible for obtaining all permits and clearances for the seven bridge sites. Also included was obtaining a right-of-entry permit and establishing and maintaining a Construction and Maintenance Agreement with the railroad. On this project, coordination with the railroad started back on day one of the design process. We were in charge of addressing the railroad’s needs, both during construction and their future needs in the design of the permanent structure. The coordination continued into construction with constant communication in regards to activities that were going on and the railroad flagger needs.

The environmental aspects of this project also created unique challenges. There were endangered species in the area, as well as, in the waterways we were working over. Special consideration was given throughout design, as well as, construction methods. These considerations presented challenges in both permitting and in the planning and sequencing of work.

At all bridge sites, traffic control solutions were designed and implemented to minimize the effect to the traveling public. On the Highway 126 sites, detour bridges were built and traffic continued to travel on them while the construction of the new structure took place. On the I-5 corridor sites, staged construction techniques were used to further decrease the impact to mobility throughout the corridor.

Total Project Value: $43.2 million

Slayden Construction Role: Design-Build General Contractor

Owner: Oregon Department of Transportation

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