Link River Dam and Fish Ladder

The installation of a new fish ladder at the Link River Dam was required to allow for passage of endangered short-nosed and Lost River sucker fish and Redband Trout from the Klamath River system to Upper Klamath Lake. The work consisted of the construction of a fish ladder addition to the existing Link River Dam.
Components of the work included the diversion of the stream during construction via a contractor-designed temporary 200’ long cofferdam, contractor-designed dewatering and sediment control system, 2,500 cy of excavation for structures. It also consisted of 1,000 cy of rock excavation, demolition at the existing dam, placement of a 1,700 cy concrete fish ladder, auxiliary flow piping, fabricated slotted baffle metalwork, trash racks and guides, diffuser gratings, stoplog guides and seats, electrically actuated slide gates, earthwork for roadways and placing gravel surfacing, chain link fence, distribution panel, electrical conduit, insulated conductors, and grounding system.

Total Project Value: $2.3 million

Slayden Construction Role: RFP selected General Contractor

Owner: US Bureau of Reclamation