EWEB Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant

Installation of a new 15 MG reservoir and pump station adjacent to the existing filtration plant which was completed without interruption to the City of Eugene’s only drinking water supply. A large portion of the success of this project can be credited to the extensive coordination efforts between SCG and EWEB plant operations during major tie-ins and shut downs. The major construction components included 70,000 cubic yards of excavation, construction of a 10,000 CY cast-in-place reservoir that consisted of 42 foot high battered walls that required post-tensioning both vertically and horizontally, cast-in-place columns, and beams that supported hollow core roof panels with a cast-in-place topping slab.

This project also included construction of a cast-in-place pump station adjacent to the new reservoir. The pump station consisted of seven 300 HP vertical turbine pumps, mechanical piping, and associated electrical equipment. Other major components of the project were tie-ins that included connections to the plant’s 40-year-old 45″ and 60″ main lines, chemical piping, bulk storage tanks, and a containment room was added to allow for future conversion from chlorine gas to sodium hypochlorite.

Total Project Value: $9.6 million

Slayden Construction Role: General Contractor

Owner: Eugene Water & Electric Board

Serious About Safety

For over 30 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to job site safety, and our track record of success speaks for itself.

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Management Skills that Help Reduce Costs

"We have been impressed with their management skills, starting with preconstruction where they performed value engineering that reduced costs, lead procurement with detailed bid packages that brought our project qualified subcontractors and manufacturers and produced a schedule that would get our project completed on time. Slayden has continued this into the construction phase by managing the work to stay on schedule."

Randy Rosane, P.E., Project Manager with Water Environmental Services

Positive and Goal-Driven

"Slayden’s positive approach and eagerness to achieve the project goals was a tremendous benefit and a driving force to the project and its success. Slayden achieved all minority, woman, and emerging small business subcontracting goals and also met the 20% Workforce Training and Hiring Program’s apprenticeship requirements. They also held their subcontractors to these same goals and requirements."

Michelle Lostra, P.E., City of Portland, Water Bureau

Strong Communication and Community Outreach

"I feel confident in recommending Slayden for their approach to neighborhood outreach and desire to work with our community outreach and communications team to help keep neighbors informed, resolve issues and mitigate issues."

Katy Fulton, Lake Oswego – Tigard Water Partnership

Efficient and Safe

"I enjoyed their management style, which was efficient while paying attention to cost. This was done without sacrificing safety. I would welcome the chance to work with them in the future."

Daniel G Shepard, Manager, Grants Pass Irrigation District

Positive Relationship Builders

"Slayden has met all conditions of approval and does a great job of keeping the neighborhood informed. Slayden works diligently to accommodate the neighboring citizens. In several cases, Slayden has gone above and beyond the conditions of approval in an effort to solve citizen’s issues. This has led to the development of relationships between the project team and the neighborhood, which have contributed to the project in a positive manner."

Thomas Lebo, Construction Manager, Brown and Caldwell

Respectful, Courteous, and Safe

"Slayden Construction is true to their word, without a doubt I would hire them for future projects. All of the employees that worked at the plant were respectful, courteous, and preformed the duties at hand in a safe manner. I can’t say enough good things about Slayden, as you can see in this evaluation. Surround yourself with good people and it makes you look good. And it doesn’t get any better than Slayden Construction."

William Schmittle, City of Hermiston

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