Alternative Delivery Specialists

Alternative Delivery methods offer owners multiple advantages depending on their project's needs. Slayden specializes in projects delivered using these contracting processes (Design-Build, Progressive Design-Build, CM/GC, GC/CM, CMAR) working directly with the owner and design team. Our goal is to deliver the maximum value possible to our clients; we offer single-source integrated construction services and project delivery methods that incorporate industry-leading preconstruction services and the highest caliber safety and quality practices.

Slayden has 30 years of completing alternative delivery projects ranging from large-scale water/wastewater facilities to dams and fisheries. We find that building trust within the team (Owner, Engineer, and Contractor) through clear communication and a positive/proactive approach is the key to the success of all alternative delivery projects.

Slayden takes pride in the quality of our client relationships and utilizes our partnering approach on every project.