Project Videos

Joint Water Commission Water Treatment Plant:
Tapping more water for JWC

The JWC WTP is the primary drinking water supplier in Washington County, Oregon, and is responsible for treating, transmitting, and storing potable water for over 365,000 customers.

Lebanon Water Treatment Plant:
Brand new WTP for the City of Lebanon

The City of Lebanon is replacing its' aged WTP with a brand new Greenfield WTP. The new facility will have a capacity of 4.5 MGD, with the capability to be upgraded to 8 MGD.

Colorado Lift Station Upgrades

Bend’s sewer collection system is near capacity. In some areas, existing sewer pipes routinely approach overflow levels. In parts of the city it is difficult for Bend to add any major new employer or residential development. The Colorado Lift Station project upgrades and replaces the undersized and deficient Shevlin station in McKay Park.