EWEB Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant

Installation of a new 15 MG reservoir and pump station adjacent to the existing filtration plant which was completed without interruption to the City of Eugene’s only drinking water supply. A large portion of the success of this project can be credited to the extensive coordination efforts between SCG and EWEB plant operations during major tie-ins and shut downs. The major construction components included 70,000 cubic yards of excavation, construction of a 10,000 CY cast-in-place reservoir that consisted of 42 foot high battered walls that required post-tensioning both vertically and horizontally, cast-in-place columns, and beams that supported hollow core roof panels with a cast-in-place topping slab.

This project also included construction of a cast-in-place pump station adjacent to the new reservoir. The pump station consisted of seven 300 HP vertical turbine pumps, mechanical piping, and associated electrical equipment. Other major components of the project were tie-ins that included connections to the plant’s 40-year-old 45″ and 60″ main lines, chemical piping, bulk storage tanks, and a containment room was added to allow for future conversion from chlorine gas to sodium hypochlorite.

Total Project Value: $9.6 million

Slayden Construction Role: General Contractor

Owner: Eugene Water & Electric Board