Tri-City Water Pollution Control Plant


Project Stats

Owner: Water Environmental Services

Value: $80M

Method: CM/GC

Location: Oregon City, OR

Slayden was selected for this CM/GC project in Oregon City, Oregon and completed preconstruction, construction, and commissioning for the expansion. A unique combination of conventional and innovative wastewater treatment technologies were utilized to ensure a high level of treatment capability within a small footprint. Work sessions were conducted to discuss expected treatment performance, equipment selection, configuration for operation and maintenance activities, and value engineering and constructability improvements.

The expansion increased average dry weather flow capacity from 8 to 12 MGD and increased peak wet weather flow capacity from 60 to 70 MGD with provisions to easily increase the average dry weather flow (ADWF) capacity up to 40 MGD, through modular additions. The expansion included new pump station, fine screening equipment, aeration basin, submerged membrane basins, UV disinfection, odor control, and standby power. A collaborative working approach was employed to foster input from the District engineering, operation, and maintenance staff throughout the preconstruction process.

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