AGC ROSE Award Outstanding Program – Program Recognition Indicating Dedication & Excellence


On January 27th, 2017 AGC’s Oregon Columbia Chapter hosted its annual Business Meeting in Portland. The day was packed full with a state of the chapter report, political updates, discussion sessions, the Industry Showcase, and a safety lunch concluding with presentation of the ROSE and PRIDE Safety Awards.

The AGC Safety Program Recognition Indicating Dedication & Excellence (PRIDE) is a state-wide voluntary recognition program offered for contractor members of the Oregon-Columbia Chapter. Safety PRIDE recipients are members who demonstrate safety excellence in our industry. This program is recognized by OR-OSHA under Program Directive A-264 (Focused Inspections in Construction).

The Oregon-Columbia Chapter’s Recognition of Safety Excellence (ROSE) Award recognizes chapter leaders in safety excellence, provides an excellent way to document your achievements in safety, and offers an opportunity to receive well-deserved recognition from your peers in the industry. It is also a great tool to conduct a self-evaluation of your safety programs. ROSE Awards are presented at the chapter’s annual business meeting each January.